Is every decision getting you closer to where you want to be?

A good friend of ours interviewed us recently because he was trying to speak with people who were leading both intentional and extraordinary lives. My first thought was who? Us? Then, I took a step back and thought hey....this is pretty cool, isn't it? This same friend and business partner had asked us this very [...]

The Renovation Post

December 19 2019-My last post on this blog until now. Let's play a little catch up. March 11 2020-Greenly's first plane ride and our trip to San Pedro, Belize. March 11, 2020 Greenly's first plane ride out of my belly! March 19 2020 -Came home to a very real pandemic March 21ish-about June 15th-We (and [...]

Our progress…not perfection

Although our family may view us as the recycling, bug saving, plastic police; we truthfully are very far from being where we want to be in the zero waste world. I come from a beautiful family of paper plate users. They only serve Amanda and I on "real plates"; but we love them anyways.  As [...]

Cloth diapering in a nutshell..(it’s really not that bad)

Now that Greenly is almost 4 months old (which I cannot believe); we wanted to update you on how cloth diapering has been going. Greenly's very first diaper was a cloth diaper; and this made us very happy. Things have really been going great. It has saved us money and we feel good knowing that [...]

How to survive going back to work

I had the most amazing time being with our daughter during my maternity leave. I loved getting to know her and being there for her. She let me kiss her every minute and marvel at her beautiful features and unique sounds. I know some people get really bored being at home and want to go [...]

Bona Fide Baby!

We're back! After another long hiatus; I think I am finally ready to start writing again. Last time we talked we had just purchased a green goods store (with two wonderful business partners), Bonafide Green Goods to be exact. Since then; we have also had a beautiful baby girl named Greenly Atlas and moved to a new [...]

Our trip was beautiful, but lemme tell you bout the food!

Bonjour fellow travelers and readers! As you can see; we have made it up the 107 stairs and back down again, as well as all around France and a good part of England. We are back and can't wait to tell you all about it. Yes, you are right, it has taken me what feels [...]

107 Stairs

"104, 105, 106, 107, I made it!" This is me counting each step as I go up and down our stairwell to our bedroom. Why am I counting to 107 you ask? Well, that is because our Air BnB in Paris is on the 6th floor with exactly 107 stairs going up. When we booked [...]

A lot more renovation with a lot less money..we’re getting it done!

Today I shall adventure off into the world of consignment furniture. I am on my own today as the wife is at work and I have been tasked to find us a kitchen table and hopefully a few more things. Over these past few months, I have been Pinteresting a million different pictures for our [...]

At a stand still…but not for long

It's time for an update! Here I am at the kitchen table, wearing slippers, thermal underwear, pajama pants, a long sleeve shirt, and a very thick fleece hoodie. This for me is a miserable New England winter. It was only 10 degrees when I drove to work this morning and I am already sick of [...]