The Renovation Post

December 19 2019-My last post on this blog until now. Let’s play a little catch up.

March 11 2020-Greenly’s first plane ride and our trip to San Pedro, Belize.

March 11, 2020 Greenly’s first plane ride out of my belly!

March 19 2020 -Came home to a very real pandemic

March 21ish-about June 15th-We (and our business partners) chose to temporarily close Bona Fide Green Goods due to Covid 19. We increased our online presence/ website, and also added local delivery. Amanda was able to take advantage of unemployment.

Sept 1, 2020 -After much research, we purchased our 1971 Blue Bird Wanderlodge . We had originally been debating getting a skoolie, but once we came upon a Wanderlodge; we never looked back. We knew that we didn’t have the time or potentially the money to build a skoolie from the ground up. We ended almost fully renovationg everything in Wild Air; but we were able to keep the same plumbing and overall structure.

Winter 2020 -We started our renovations on the Wanderlodge…ripping out a 1970’s dirty carpet is not fun with no heat!

Getting the floor to this point took forever and was so gross!

While the Pandemic was in full swing, people were no longer traveling via plane and instead were looking to travel local. We were fortunate that our Air BNB continued to do very well during this time; as it was located in Plymouth, N.H. on a small ski mountain/hiking area. However; after much trial and tribulation; we decided that the stress of the condo just wasn’t worth it anymore.

April 2021 -We decided to take advantage of the housing market and we sold our condo in about three days! Our condo was a small business for us; but it was also a form of a back up/security blanket. During a long drive on a New Hampshire back road and a short Pro/Con list; Amanda and I realized once again that we didn’t want to be anchored to N.H. anymore that we already were. Selling the condo was an easy way to lift a piece of that anchor.

As you may have read here before; we certainly are not wealthy people. So, we used some savings as well as the money from our condo sale to pay off our credit cards and get started on all of the purchases we would need for the renovation.

June 15thish 2021-Moved into the Wanderlodge full time as seasonal campers at a campground in Contoocook, N.H. Our season ends Oct 15th.

So here we are; living in a glorious 250 sq ft 1971 Blue Bird Wanderlodge that we lovingly named Wild Air. Her name comes from a quote that is dear to us, saying “Live in the Sunshine, Swim the Sea, Drink the Wild Air” by Emerson. Every now and then someone will curiously ask us why we would want to do this. It’s honestly hard to think of just one answer. We did it to simplify, to save money, to travel, to have more freedom, to live more sustainably; and to enjoy life more together as a family. Their are still many holes to fill, walls to wallpaper, and paint chips to cover; but we are still so happy and proud to be in Wild Air! We are excited to be on this adventure, but to also see where it may lead us. We are ultimately in search for a new place to call home; but for now we’re going to enjoy the journey.

Here she is folks!

Wild Air!

Before: Living Room facing the windshield
Before: Living Room facing the kitchen
Before: Kitchen facing living room
Before: Bathroom
Before: Bedroom
After: Living Room
After : Kitchen
After: Kitchen
After: Bedroom
After: Bathroom sneak peek

Not shown: New wood ceiling, tankless water heater, updated electric, and all of our future upgrades to this beautiful bird!

That’s it for now, come follow along on our adventure at #suitcaseandaplaylist

All you need is a suitcase and a play list…and maybe a Wanderlodge?!