Cloth diapering in a nutshell..(it’s really not that bad)

Now that Greenly is almost 4 months old (which I cannot believe); we wanted to update you on how cloth diapering has been going. Greenly’s very first diaper was a cloth diaper; and this made us very happy. Things have really been going great. It has saved us money and we feel good knowing that we are not sending dirty diapers into the landfill.


From all the research I have done; I can very easily say that their are many cloth diapering experts out there; but I am very much NOT one of them. So, I want to give you  a run down/update on how cloth diapering has been working for us. I want to talk about how we cloth diaper and why we love it.

When I was pregnant; we did a lot of research on cloth diapering. We looked up the brands, the types of diapers, how to wash them, and so much more. It was overwhelming and after all of that reading; I was not confident at all. Whenever I would talk to someone about it; they would tell me how hard it was going to be and that they were sure we would give it up after a few weeks. I am so happy to say that we have not. I am also happy to say that it is not difficult like people had said.

I must admit, we did use a few disposable diapers at the beginning. When Greenly was born, she weighed 7 lb 1.5 oz and was 20.5 inches long. She was long and skinny. We hadn’t ordered/received any newborn size cloth diapers; only size 1 and 2. Many babies can fit into a size one cloth diaper when they are born, but Greenly did not. After many leaks in the size one diapers; we borrowed some newborn size cloth diapers from our friend Kim at Petite Bottoms. This solved our leakage issue immediately and we only needed them for so long as Greenly soon grew out of them.

Here’s a run down of our cloth diapering in a nut shell. We primarily use Thirsties Covers with prefolds as well as a few All in Ones.

Washing routine:

  1. Wash all covers and prefolds in the washer on a rinse & spin cycle without soap.
  2. Wash all covers and prefolds on normal cycle with gentle detergent (Charlies Soap)
  3. Dry prefolds in dryer, air dry all covers.

Cover with prefold-cheap, easy, able to reuse the cover several times if remains unsoiled. The prefolds are also great to wipe things up/ use as a burp cloth. We just take the sides of the prefold, turn it in, and put it inside the cover. Easy peasy!



Greenly beautifully posing with her stylish cloth diapers! No diaper rash yet : )

All in One-Most similar to your standard disposable diaper-quick, thick, not able to be reused once soiled. We love to use these at night as they seem to be a softer and they are also great if you are feeling a bit lazy. The prefolds are easy, but All in Ones are one step. The only downside to All in One’s is that they tend to be a bit more expensive and can only be used once.

 All in One Diaper!

When she wets her diaper; you change her, wipe with a reusable wipe (we just dip it in water), then we put all soiled items into a wetbag.

Reusable wipes


Wet bags for home and on the go

Here is what our setup looks like, nothing fancy but it works well for us.


Overall, we are very happy with how cloth diapering has been going so far. Minus a few leaks, all has gone really well. Our next learning curve will be when Greenly has solid poop. That will be a different story and I am sure we will have much to learn and share with you. Here’s to diapers that keep our baby clean, comfortable, and don’t end up in a landfill.

All you need is a suitcase & a playlist.


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