Bona Fide Baby!

We’re back! After another long hiatus; I think I am finally ready to start writing again. Last time we talked we had just purchased a green goods store (with two wonderful business partners), Bonafide Green Goods to be exact. Since then; we have also had a beautiful baby girl named Greenly Atlas and moved to a new apartment. (*we thought of the name far before we purchased the store)  She is perfect in every way and we are having so much fun with her!




Here is Greenly on her birthday and the day after. I can’t believe that she is already 1 month old!

Buying the store, having a baby, and moving all within two to three months was a lot at once and I would not recommend it. However; we are fortunate enough to say that they have all been positive changes. As with all new things, the store is a work in progress. We are constantly thinking of new ideas; moving around product, and getting in  new things everyday. I must say that owning your own business is definitely a bit daunting financially; but who else better to count on than yourself? It also helps that we feel very passionately about the items that we are selling. We sell eco-friendly products that help you to save the earth and work towards a zero waste lifestyle. If you are in Concord, N.H., please come check us out on Main St. Otherwise, please check out our website at Bonafide Green Goods.

I am so excited to be sharing with you our take on being moms, owning a business (including our AirBnB) ; and how we are going to fit in travel in this crazy thing called life. Purchasing the store has really helped us to guide the way we live; but we too are working towards reducing our waste and living life as green as possible. Sometimes it takes a bit more effort; but we truly believe that it’s worth it.

As new moms, we are learning a bit more about our daughter and ourselves everyday. If no one has told you yet; being a mom is not easy. It’s messy and tiresome; but also beautiful. Most days of the week I am left wondering when I can fit in a shower and if that weird smell is dried breast milk or something much worse. Luckily, I have a wonderful partner who has been loving, supportive, and a great mom to our baby so far. I am so grateful for her and I honestly cannot imagine doing this on my own. Overall, we are in love and having a lot of fun with Greenly so far. Our baby gives me so much joy just by looking at her and holding her. Every half-smile and coo makes me feel border line emotional and makes me laugh. I find her adorable even when she’s screaming and she makes us so happy.

*This is what I do when I am home alone and I have to pee. It’s normal right?!


We are cloth diapering and loving it so far. I didn’t think it was possible; but I think I read to much about it prior to having the baby. I read about which type of diaper to get, what the cost would be, and how to launder them. It seemed like a decent amount of work and I was worried that I would forget everything and somehow ruin the diapers. Luckily, I was very wrong. Once you do it a few times, it’s not so bad at all. The greatest part about it is that we feel better about the materials on her skin and the impact on the environment. We chose to use Prefolds with covers and a few All in Ones. The benefit of the Prefold is that the cover can be reused several times in a day; as long as it doesn’t get dirty or wet. The All in Ones are great for when you’re looking for something quick and easy. Here is Greenly modeling a few for us. The purple diaper on the left is an all in one and the diaper on the right shows a cover with a prefold inside. She is happy in either of them. What has also been helpful for us is that we carry these products in our store. Secondly, we work with Kim of Petite Bottoms who offers a complete diaper service in the NH area as well as free education on cloth diapering. This has been a life saver for our family.  Here is a link to a few of our cloth diapers at our store.



Please feel free to reach out to me at if you have any questions on cloth diapering or anything else that comes up. We are certainly not experts on anything mom/diaper related just yet; but we are having fun and are happy to chat about anything.

I have six more weeks of maternity leave left over and I plan to get in as many snuggles as I can. I can’t even imagine how I will feel when I have to go back to work; but I am happy to say that our baby will be staying with the best person I could even imagine; my wife. Greenly will be learning all about green goods with Amanda at the store everyday and I will pick her up on my way home. Our business is helping us to be better to the earth and is allowing us to be the moms we want to be. As part owner of Bona Fide Green Goods and our Beautiful AirBnB; I am happy to be continuing to write about our business for so many reasons; but mostly because it resonates with why we started this blog in the first place. We have had some monumental changes in the past year; but our goals have remained the same. Our physical businesses may ground us a bit more than we originally planned; but we still strive to be location independent. We still plan to live life adventurously, to travel, and to teach our daughter all about the world and the exciting things all around her. Cheers to new beginnings

All you need is a suitcase and a playlist.


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