107 Stairs

“104, 105, 106, 107, I made it!” This is me counting each step as I go up and down our stairwell to our bedroom. Why am I counting to 107 you ask? Well, that is because our Air BnB in Paris is on the 6th floor with exactly 107 stairs going up. When we booked our trip we knew that I could potentially be pregnant. For some reason, I did poor math and assumed that I would only be 5 months. The bed is also lofted and we must climb a ladder to get up. (shown below) This means that I am practicing every day to climb 107 stairs. By the time April comes around, I will be 6 months pregnant and ready to climb some stairs.


Here we are, 20 weeks down and 20 to go. I am so excited to officially blog that we are pregnant and our baby is the size of a sweet potato! After miscarrying almost a year ago, it was so nerve-racking to finally make the announcement but I am glad we did. We have had so much support from our friends and family and we are so excited for this summer baby! Hooray for future birthday parties on the beach!

*Check out our video below if you haven’t had a chance to yet. I just may be my favorite thing!

Nesting Has Begun!

Our renovation is FINALLY almost done, and we will be on vacation in 40 days, then maternity leave at the end of July. Although these are all very exciting things, this is A Lot! We will be in France, England, Ireland, and where ever else we decide to venture to while we are there. We will be there for 15 days and although we are overwhelmed; we are very excited!

As you can imagine, the renovation has taken us much longer than we expected. All of the floors now have hard wood, except for one bedroom that we are finishing up as we speak. All the walls are painted, my wife has installed numerous light fixtures; and she even installed two sinks and updated plumbing. I am so impressed with all of her new skills. I can only hope that my design abilities will live up to the hard work she has put into our home. Lastly, we have to sand, stain, and polyurethane all the floors, along with installing trim on the bottom.

Here are a few pictures of the progress we have made so far! We used a Rustoleum kit to redo the countertops and we were pretty excited with the result. It didn’t come out exactly as we had hoped; but it is certainly an upgrade and we are proud of the results.


What I haven’t mentioned in the past is that we eventually plan to make our condo into an Air BnB rental. As of right now, we are paying a small rent at home and paying a mortgage for a home we are not living in. With a vacation coming and a baby around the corner; this is financially a bit stressful. We planned for this and knew things would be tight for a bit; but we still sometimes think to ourselves “what were we thinking”?! When those moments happen, we just remind each other how great of an investment this is, how much we are learning; and how much fun this condo will be for us and many others over the years. We are hoping it can be a part time home for us in the summers and passive income otherwise; not to mention mini getaways for ourselves and our family & friends.

With any luck, the major parts of the renovation will be done in the next few weeks and we can finish up with the furnishing and decorations. In the meantime, I’ll work on checking in sooner and keeping you all updated. Thanks for tuning in.

All you need is a suitcase and a playlist.


Cheers, A & M