A lot more renovation with a lot less money..we’re getting it done!

Today I shall adventure off into the world of consignment furniture. I am on my own today as the wife is at work and I have been tasked to find us a kitchen table and hopefully a few more things. Over these past few months, I have been Pinteresting a million different pictures for our condo. I knew what color palette we wanted, the style we were going for, what kind of couch would be the comfiest. I was so excited to design it that I almost forgot how much money and work were going to go into it as well.

Let’s back track a little….As we had gone through the purchase process, up until closing; we had been told that we would only have to put a certain amount of money down. What our lender unfortunately didn’t notice right away was that the type of loan we were going to get only allowed for a small percentage “cash back”. This meant that a large portion of our renovation money was now going to the closing. We were disappointed but figured that we could handle it. At this point, we should have budgeted our money once again to figure out how much renovation we could afford. Unfortunately, we did not do this. Instead, we ripped out all of the old carpeting (aka 90% of the condo), ripped out two vanities; and much more. We were so excited to get everything going that we really didn’t stop and think about how much money we were going to need. This was our first home purchase and renovation after all.

Over these past few months, Wayfair, Home Depot, and Sherwin Williams have become our new best friends. I have been taking my time to find the lights that we really like but with an acceptable price, along with furniture and all other decor. We hit a wall about a week or so ago when we stepped back to look at our bank account and got worried. An unexpected $800 car repair had dug into our budget and life just kept coming. I guess we had a bit of a reality check. We certainly do okay financially, but we are not rich. We are able to pay our rent while living at home and pay our mortgage while renovating; but with student loans, groceries, and life; we don’t have as much to spare as we had hoped. After doing some estimations, we realized that we did not have enough money to finish the renovation, not even close! This was both defeating and scary.


Credit to Makeameme.org

Here’s what we did. We sat down together and talked about where we went wrong, crunched numbers, drank coffee, and chatted it all out with a good friend of ours. Having friends who inspire and motivate you are truly priceless. Here’s ours, check out our friend Willa’s blog at Themagpiesapprentice . This allowed us to feel motivated again and to get shit done.

We realized that we had a perfectly good line of credit that we had not been using. Although we are not big on credit cards; we have made some exceptions these past few months for a few reasons; but that is something we can get into on another post. Using a credit card was not ideal, but neither was taking out a second small loan, or waiting a year to finish the condo. Both Amanda and I agreed that the couch, beds, and mattresses would be brand new; along with linens etc. This made sense to us as cleanliness is big. For the kitchen table and other seating, we started looking at Craigslist and consignment stores for bigger ticket items. We promised each other that our kitchen table and chairs had to be used as this would save costs and could potentially allow us to get something of a higher quality that we may not normally be able to afford. For example, we were able to afford a brand new vanity with a beautiful marble top. This was found at a consignment store as it was probably a floor model or an item that someone never picked up. Either way, it was a steal for us. Check it out, I love it!  *More pictures to come, including our updated countertop that we did Not pay thousands of dollars for!



Okay, well the snow has started to fall and I need to clean cabinet hinges, take a shower, and head out to the consignment stores. Check us out on Instagram at #suitcaseandaplaylist; I will be posting my consignment store goodies!  Wish me luck and have a great day!

All you need is a suitcase and a playlist.

Cheers, A & M