To Paris and Beyond

After a few lazy days, I am happy to say that I just did a mini workout in my living room and I am feeling great. I did squats, jumping jacks, abs, and danced around while my younger brother just stared at me. All of this was accompanied by many Pitch Perfect 3 sound track tunes, and it was amazing! Too often I forget how easily even a small workout can give you energy. I was exhausted and now I am ramped up and excited to write this post.
Anyways, I wanted to give you all an update. We are still so excited about buying our condo last week! We will be able to get into the condo as of Nov 11 and then the renovation can begin. I have been Pinteresting like crazy ( can I use that as a verb?) and I can’t wait to show you all of our ideas. We will have a lot to do in a short time; but I am feeling good about it.
Just to sum things up; because we clearly didn’t feel like we had enough going on; my wife is in the process of changing jobs ( yes, Again…she will get to that later), we bought a condo, we did an IUI procedure this past week, and WE JUST BOOKED A TRIP TO PARIS AND LONDON! Ahhhh! I am so excited!


*I took this picture when I went to Paris for a weekend while studying abroad in Florence. I am so excited to experience this beauty with my favorite person. 
I know that this may sound like a lot since we will soon have to pay for a condo. However; travel is what we love and being able to travel often/ live abroad is our goal . This means that we need to take the time when we can and enjoy what life has to offer.
To fund this trip we used our Chase Sapphire travel credit card and our goal is to have this portion paid off before we go on the trip. To save money and experience each city a bit more like a local, we booked our accommodations at two Air BnB’s. We will be staying in what seems to be a quaint neighborhood of Paris and a town in England called Camden Town. Camden Town is known for its open air markets and eclectic style.


 Photo credit of: natasssssa, follow her at Pixabay for more amazing photos!

As time gets closer we will book more specifics and we will keep you updated on all of the juicy details. Until then, I will be dreaming of exploration, hoping for pregnancy, and working on exercising regularly. Please tell us all of your must sees for Paris and London, we would love any recommendations.

ps: This is the first long trip that we are going to attempt to only use a carry on. Wish us luck!

All you need is a suitcase and a playlist.